How to create Websockets Address for Gigtodo Localhost Site 0 1

Last updated on Dec 25, 2020 07:29:15 PM
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This documentation assumes that you have already installed script on localhost

Actionable Steps

For detailed documentation with images (Live and Localhost methods), use this link:


You have to setup websockets server on your development site (localhost).

Step 1: Go to your lib folder. Most likely path to follow looks like below. This PC=>Local Disk (C:)=>xampp=>htdocs =>gigtodov5=>libs

Step 2: Look for the file named chat_server.phpStep 3: Open chat_server.php file and obtain the value in line 16. Note: Mine is 3000. Yours may, or may not be the same

Step 4: Right-click any empty area of the lib folder to open any code reader/editor of your choice like (powershell), 

Step 5: While powershell (alternative code reader) is opened, run the following command to start the websockets server > php chat_server.php At this stage, the websockets server has been started.

Step 6: Go to your website Admin panel under settings=>general-settings, and

(a). Enable websockets (b).

Paste the following into websockets address section and save: ws://localhost:3000 where 3000 is obtained from chat_server.php (see step 3 above)

Testing the localhost setup

1. Log into user panel and message any other user 2. Return to your power shell to view the message sent with its server data like below

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone