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Last updated on Sep 04, 2018 07:57:41 AM
Posted ByPat Pixinal

Installing GigToDoScript is as easy as counting 1,2,3. Once you upload the script to your server, the GigToDoScript installer will guide you from there on. However, prior to installing the script you will have to do the following:

1. At this point, you must have extracted the contents of the folder downloaded.

2. Next to the documentation folder is a GigToDo.zip folder. That is the folder we will upload into our server.

3. Head over to your server and create a new MySQL database and a new MySQL user. Give all the newly created database privileges to the newly created MySQL user.

4. Once step 3 is completed, head over to your file manager section.

5. Upload the GigToDo.zip into the root of your domain in the file manager section 

6. Extract the files 

7. Open a new tab on your browser and type in the domain name.

 8. At this point, you should now see the installation script. 

9. Fill in the fields with the info you created earlier.

 10. Congrats! 

Watch video here

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone